Top Electrodynamics eBook list


1) Classical Electrodynamics-Jackson J D E book

2) Introduction to electrodynamics-Griffits D.J

3)  Field and Wave Electromagnetics 2Edition David K Cheng

4) Principles of Electrodynamics-Melvin Schwartz

5) Maxwell’s Equations and the Principles of Electromagnetism - Fitzpatrick

6) Foundations of Electromagnetic Theory-Reitz and Milford

7) Introductory Electromagnetics - Z. Popovic, B. Popovic

8) Classical Electrodynamics - W. Greiner 

9) A treatise on electricity and magnetism Vol I - J C Maxwell

 10) A treatise on electricity and magnetism Vol II - J C Maxwell

11) Schaum s Outline of Electromagnetic (2ed)

12) A Student's Guide to Maxwell's Equations - Daniel Fleisch

13) Electromagnetics Microwave Circuit And Antenna Design For Communications Engineering

14) Electromagnetics - J D Kraus

15) Introductory Electromagnetics - Herbert P. Neff

16) Engineering Electromagnetics - William H. Hayt, John A. Buck

17) Fundamentals of Engineering Electromagnetics - Rajeev Bansal

18) Antennas - John D Kraus

19) Electromagnetism Principles And Applications - Lorrain, Corson

20) Classical Electromagnetic Radiation - Heald & Marion

21) Electromagnetism - Hilary D. Brewster

22) Selected Papers on Quantum Electrodynamics

23) Theory of Electromagnetic Wave Propagation Dover books on physics

24) The Theory Of Electric And Magnetic Susceptibilities - Van Vlek

25) Basic Laws of Electromagnetism - I. E. Irodov

26) ABC of Plasma Physics - L. A. Artsimovich

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  1. please add electricity and magnetism by purcell 3rd edition


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